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Designing, manufacturing and distributing

The initial spirit still endures. We have always wanted to do "a little more" to make the butcher's job easier:
In 1987 we incorporated a speed variator in the mixers.
In 1991 we created "LINE 100" so that small workshops could work automatically.

In 1993 we installed speed variators in the Cutters, far from the engines that were installed.

2005 we designed the MICROWAT, the smallest continuous electric vacuum filler on the market.


In recent years we have devoted a lot of effort to improving and modernizing the range of machinery, being able to add new models, some of them unique in the market.



Founder of TECMAQ with Jaume Roca. He designed, improved and adapted each of the machines to be the brand that best suits the needs of customers. He has passed on his philosophy to his sons, Marc and Jordi, to continue with an idea: Design and manufacture robust, efficient machines and adapt them to all needs.



A team of specialist professionals 

At TECMAQ we have our best products after many years with a very precise production work, taking care of the smallest detail.

This has led us to obtain a team of specialist ironing, machining, assembly and finishing with personnel with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. 


With the same ambition of the first day

Throughout the entire history of TECMAQ there has been a constant evolution of industrial machinery. The team of specialist engineers and technicians led by the brand's philosophy have been key to maintaining the TECMAQ brand as one of the best options to obtain a quality product, easy to maintain and long-lasting. 

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our clients, adapting our equipment to any request. 

We train and help all distributors, a fundamental part of our brand, so that they have the peace of mind and satisfaction of selling a great brand to their customers.


We defend a solid and diversified economy, where all sectors are maintained in a strong and sustainable balance: ecological production landscapes, excellent quality food, services focused on major objectives and industrial and knowledge brands that are a world reference.

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